About the Book: A Novel Approach

“The definitive volume for training cross-cultural workers in worldview studies.”
~ Dr. Robin Harris

True reality exists, despite every culture distorting it. All people arrive at some
biased view of reality via the story in which and by which they live. Unfortunately the
ultimate story of reality as revealed in the Bible is too often presented before the
would-be evangelist is adequately aware of the hearer’s story. Such an approach is
naive at best and often leads to one of mission?s more persistent blights & syncretism.
Discover how to transcend these all-to-often drive-by evangelistic efforts and
Band-Aid versions of telling the Bible story. Take a Novel Approach. Become
aware of the hearers’ interpretation of reality that supplies their core assumptions
about all of life. In his well-researched and purely authentic discussion Michael
Matthews respectfully integrates reality, hermeneutics, story, and missions into a
compelling and practical story-based methodology to guide cross-cultural workers
through the maze of discovering the particular story and its implications of a host
community. The fundamental goal, however, is not simply discovery but ultimately
clear communication of the timeless and true Biblical Story within the perceived
reality of any community or culture.